• Sun. Apr 11th, 2021

Google has bought Fitbit

ByJames O'Neill

Jan 16, 2021 ,
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Google Senior Vice President Rick Osterloh announced that Google is the new owner of Fitbit.

Google buys Fitbit
Google buys Fitbit

Google has announced it has completed all procedures, including getting the approvals from the EU to complete the acquisition of Fitbit. It was also revealed that the European Union delayed the deal due to concerns about users health data being used for advertising purposes.

Speaking about the sale and issues around how the data will be used, Fitbit CEO James Park said, “If you have Google’s resources at your fingertips, the possibilities are really limitless.

He further went on to say “The safety of our users will continue to be more important than anything else. We will maintain strong data privacy and security protections. We will give you control of your data and remain transparent about what we collect and why. Google will continue to protect Fitbit users’ privacy and has confirmed that health data will not be used for Google ads, while Fitbit will be kept separate from other Google ad data.”

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